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Heldenleben: Book 3 (The Cable Denning Mystery Series)

by James P. Alsphert on 2018-06-20

Cable’s nightmare begins when, while imprisoned, he encounters an 18ft, genetically altered deadly King Cobra, then is tortured and dangled from the Death Spire in Chicago, not to mention challenging occurrences involving the women in his life. He is still being pursued by the Oculus who has imposed a deadline to reveal what has been locked in his memory cells. Hitching a ride via a private plane going to a faraway land buys him some time…or does it? During the flight, he gets thrown to his death!! Does he survive? How?

Love Me or Kill Me (The Cable Denning Mystery Series Book 2)

by James P. Alsphert on 2018-02-11

'FOR THE PASSIONS THAT THRILL LOVE, AND LIFT YOU HIGH TO HEAVEN—ARE THE PASSIONS THAT KILL LOVE, AND LET YOU FALL TO HELL!' Cable meets his would-be nemesis Cronus-Gor…as well as Gor's other-worldly wife, Saturnalia, not to mention the Girl Who Lived in a Seashell. Along the way, he battles the forces of the Oculus, who are trying to wrest from him the secrets of the Fen de Fuqin. Beautiful women, danger and a magical experience with Saturnalia's exquisite daughter, Cassiopeia, are in the offing—while plenty of adrenalin-pumping action and murder dot the map of Cable's life; along with the respites that only great music, smoky dives and beautiful babes in revealing gowns, can provide. But for the ‘evil ones’ —how do you stop a 30 year old daredevil by the name of Cable Denning—who knows no fear?!!!