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Saviour: A Novella by

by James Perrett on 2017-08-25

A worldwide flu pandemic changed everything. Saviour survived; one of the lucky few. He has everything he could wish for; a loving family, a decent home and a great job. He protects those who can’t protect themselves. In his mind, at least, he is a shining star.

The day he spots an innocuous bit of graffiti, scrawled on a wall he’s passed hundreds of times, is the same as any other. Little does he know that seeing it begins a series of events that leave him fighting for everything he loves…. even his own life.

Jake is alive. He doesn’t know how and can’t remember why. He’s heard the doctors call it a catatonic state. All he wants is to do is find a way home.

This is a love story....

About the Author - James Perrett is 39 and lives in the middle of nowhere with his wife, two children and dog, Jenny. He describes himself as a house husband whose daily duties include picking up after everyone, washing pants and arguing with their broken hoover. James is a self confessed board game geek and is also addicted to frozen ice pops.