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Arriving Soon


Up Circle, Down Circle

by James R Baker on 2018-01-06

Imagine yourself one winter day walking through your snow-covered plowed and planted field and discovering two large circles in it That are totally bare of snow. Curious, you continue to visit those circles over the next month without ever actually ever stepping foot onto either of them, all the while asking yourself just how they could have been created and why they remain bare despite repeated snowfalls. Then, a month later, you trek out to them in search of your wife who has left a note saying she was going to finally go have a look at them herself. Instead of your wife, you discover a young woman kneeling in one of the circles wearing, of all things, what appears to be a robe made of buffalo hide.
It's been postulated that an alternate reality, or world, is created every time a person makes a decision. What if that were true?
Reality, as you know it, is about to get kicked to the curb!