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Arriving Soon


The Blanket Statement

by Jamie Bridges on 2017-09-11

I'm just a young, fresh faced college graduate, doing just about anything I need to do, to land a job. I finally make it into a research firm, working on the very edge of cybernetics.

In other words, we're trying to decode the human mind, so they can interface with our machines.

On my first day, I meet Jasmine. She's a cold piece of work, who gives no one the time of day. I'm not even sure she knows what sex is, at this point. After my failed attempt at wooing her into a date, I decide to take more drastic actions.

Using the work and research I've done so far, I create a DVD that will subtly push her into my arms. Things are going well for a few months, until I learn she's given the copies to everyone she knows. Things quickly fall out of control, and I really don't know what to do, when the whole world is suggestible to me alone.