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Red World: Book One (The Red World Series 1)

by Jamie Lynn on 2018-09-30

This book is about a handsome man named Sean (who just so happens to be a porn star). He finds himself abducted and dropped into an auction on an alien planet. Deemed unworthy of going through the sale due to the scar on his lip, he is unceremoniously dumped outside of the auction house to die in a dust storm. He is rescued by one of the residents of the planet. Da'Ceer is a slave who worked his way up to being a token security guard in the marketplace. He had brought his little brother with him to work on the worst possible day. When he stumbled over Sean who had already become buried in a sand drift he picked him up carried him to a shelter within the city for the slaves . Due to the poor maintenance within the shelter, it proves to be a death trap for the cold-blooded residents of the planet. Sean, being warm-blooded, kept the alien and his younger brother alive and warm enough that they were able to survive the fridged shelter. They survived the first storm, but the battle to survive had only just begun. Sean and his new alien friend become a bit more than just friends. The new turn in their lives is difficult for both of them to accept, but when they are forced to flee along with Da'Ceer's family

There are plenty of plot twists in this book and I hope that people will be drawn in for the usual MC's because I found them a pleasure to write about. This is the first book, but there will be more!.

This book is a m/m romance, alien abduction romance, AND an mpreg.