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The Martian Mail Order Bride Swap (Cerean Bachelors: Sci-Fi Romance Novel)

by Jamie Moons on 2017-09-04

Lilith MacBeth never saw much hope for her future. With her family, and the entire population of Earth for that matter, held under the control of Alien invaders from the distant planet Ceres… why would she ever expect much from life?

But all that was soon to change, when Lilith discovers that her sister, Eve, has enrolled herself in an online mail order bride service for Cerean bachelors… Lilith confronts Eve about this haphazard plan, only to be told that Eve has contracted a contagious virus and would never pass the inspection points. So, rather than to put her family in even more dismal living conditions than they already are, Lilith decides to take the place of Eve!

Soon, she is being shipped off to marry a Martian from Ceres – one she has never met, and knows little about. Still, Lilith makes the choice to save her family even if it means she might never be able to be herself again…