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Second Bond

by Jan Suzukawa on 2018-04-02

Second Bond is the sequel to The Califia Trilogy (Rebellion, The Hunt and Queen of Califia).

In the Queendom of Califia, the first marriage bond is for three years.

The second bond lasts for seven years.

And the third bond is for life.

Eighteen months have passed since Queen Jacintha proclaimed the equality of men with women in Califia, but the reforms have not gone smoothly.

Anming Lee and Kellen Cassidy have become role models for young men ever since their famed debate on men’s rights in the village square two years ago. When the Queendom of the Kashaya Sky announces an extraordinary event, Anming and Kellen are sent to the Sky to accompany Tavon and Ryn as Califia’s official representatives.

When Anming and Kellen return to Califia, though all appears calm, trouble is brewing near the eastern queendoms.

The Queendom of Madrona, led by young Crown Princess Lilith, and the Rio Queendom in the delta region ruled by Queen Karena are prospering and the queendoms are at peace with each other.

However, in the marshlands between the two queendoms, a dark menace is growing, one that threatens the very existence of the queendoms civilization.

As harvest time approaches and Anming and Kellen’s first bond comes to an end, will they commit to a second bond?