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Disturbed Affections

by Janna Hill on 2019-03-10

Disturbed Affections consists of three short stories and two deranged love affairs. The Perpetual Series I and II and Door Number Four.

*Perpetual Darkness is told from the man's perspective; this is his side of the story. Max Hubbard is a drifter and like most transients he prefers living a life of anonymity. That is until he lays eyes on Abigail. "He merely followed his instinct, not giving any thought as to why he watched her."
*Perpetual Spring is told from the woman's point of view; this is her side of the story. After being forced into early retirement Abigail leaves Missouri and settles in the quiet countryside of La Grange. It's in this sleepy landscape she finds herself strangely attracted to the man who is watching her. "Some might consider him a stalker but she preferred to think of him as a guardian of sorts." Is this another Romeo and Juliet? No, but a tragic romance nonetheless.

*Door Number Four: Donald S. Crowley was a CPA by day; a bean counter; a number cruncher and a certified bore. By night he was as stimulating as the hero in his latest read with all the social skills of a brick and to make matters worse he was in love with a door. Not just any door, number four was special. Her alluring smile had caught Donald's eye when he was just a boy and she called him by name. Despite years of therapy and medications she still called to him. Now he would risk his life to see her again and to finally know what lay behind Door Number III.