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Arriving Soon


Aiding the Bear (Blue Ridge Bears Book 3)

by Jasmine B. Waters on 2017-08-20

Mildred Allbarn didn’t plan on running away

Escaping her tiny hometown in the dead of night while being pursued by dangerous enemies wasn’t in her plans either. Unfortunately, Millie has to rely on a mysterious were-bear named Jay.

Jay Hanlon moved to rural Tennessee to escape the ghost of his late wife. When Millie turns up on his door, he can’t deny the magnetic pull he feels. Were-bears only mate once . . . don’t they?

Outcast (Moonlight Wolves Book 4)

by Jasmine B. Waters on 2017-08-14

A bad boy. A good girl. A budding, unlikely romance.

Finn—recent outcast from his pack and line-straddling “good” guy—only wants to fit in with the Moonlight Maine Pack. Then a beautiful shifter, Lea, catches his attention from their very first conversation and everything else falls to the wayside.

Lea doesn’t like bad boys. Finn is definitely not her type. But even she can’t deny the electric chemistry between them. Before she knows it, Lea is falling for the very guy she’d never expected.

There’s turmoil in the Moonlight Maine Pack. Can Finn and his tenuous acceptance, and Lea in her wary uncertainty, overcome the obstacles thrown their way?

Defending the Bear (Blue Ridge Bears Book 2)

by Jasmine B. Waters on 2017-07-23

Luke Elmsong found his mate in the mountains — then led a sniper right to her.

Thanks to being a fugitive — from human and shifter law — Luke became used to less-than-ideal circumstances a long time ago. It doesn’t take long to realize that Audrey is the only woman who can bring his bear into balance.

Only months away from finishing her Doctorate, Audrey Skylark is ready for a vacation. Her trip around the US leads her to the Blue Ridge Mountains. The last thing she expected to find there was a massive were-bear trashing her campsite, claiming they’re mates.

Dangerous wolves, Norse gods, and deadly gladiators descend on Luke and Audrey. Only Luke can protect her from the unleashed hell raining on them — if she’ll trust him, that is.


Dangerous Love (Moonlight Wolves Book 2)

by Jasmine B. Waters on 2017-07-17

Daydreaming about humans is never a good sign.

When Thea breaks up with her boyfriend, she doesn’t expect to immediately feel something for Kato, her best friend. Then again, she’s a human living in a shifter world. Unexpected is in her repertoire.

Kato’s feelings for Thea run deeper than he thought. Being a shifter—and the next-in-line to be Alpha for the pack—is hard enough without loving a human. Thanks to swirling rumors that more rogues are forming uprisings because of Kaiser’s death, the Moonlight Pack tries to pull together.

Can Kato and Thea stay strong through the challenges that await them? Or will outside forces conspire to pull them apart again?

Awakened (Twist of Fate Book 1)

by Jasmine B. Waters on 2017-07-09

Humanity has long believed itself to reign over the world. Dragon Shifters believe differently.

Sethiro Brockwood is a dragon Shifter with a quest. After a thousand-year sleep, he’ll awaken within a week of humanity’s demise and the chance to save the world from one of the most powerful dragon Shifters alive: Caius.

Cardiologist Mary Jane—she prefers MJ—isn’t sure about the mysterious man she meets in the ER when he’s dead, but not really. Before she knows it, she brings him home with her. Armed with only her sharp tongue and quick wit, she plunges into the strange man’s adventure to save humanity.

Will the coming evil be too great for Sethiro and MJ to overcome together?


Tracking the Bear (Blue Ridge Bears Book 1)

by Jasmine B. Waters on 2017-07-03

It all seemed simple enough, at first.

All Lucy Elmsong had to do was track her werebear brother across the country, outwit a bounty-hunting shifter, and save her brother from his lawful execution. Easy enough for a waitress, right?

The last place Chance Kassower expected to find his mate was a backwater town in Tennessee. With Norse gods breathing down his neck, at least he has his priorities in order. Track Luke Elmsong and return him to his superiors. Dead, or alive.

Lucy and Chance are unexpectedly thrown together in a cross-country race for Luke’s life. Not only does Chance have to answer to the gods, but save Lucy from a dangerous foe she didn’t expect.