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Magic, New Mexico: Miss Fortune (Kindle Worlds Novella)

by Jason Crutchfield on 2017-09-17

Teshianna exists as an Umbra Infaustus. To live, she absorbs the misfortune of unlucky humans. There's only one problem: she refuses to do it anymore. Stubborn and proud, she resolves she will die before she bonds with another human after so many betrayals and heartbreaks. She wants more from life than to be cast aside once her human partner no longer needs her.

Declan Forrester has gotten used to living in the remarkable town of Magic, New Mexico. It took a while for him to understand that beings like werewolves, vampires, and warlocks really existed, but he soon realizes that he fits in with them far more than he expected when he witnesses the murder of an old man – a man who brands him with a runic mark that changes his life forever.

Two lives literally collide when Teshianna finds herself thrust through a tear in space and into Declan’s arms. Starving and hurt, Teshianna will have to make the most difficult decision of her life – to trust again. Can the world’s unluckiest man find love with the woman who might leave him when he needs her the most? Or will tragedy strike Declan and the town of Magic, first?

Find out in Miss Fortune: a Magic, New Mexico Kindle World!