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Arriving Soon


Lonely House II: Fifth World Stories (Blue Star Book 8)

by Jax E. Garson on 2017-10-26

Amid a desert of sandy plains, rocky ridgelines and flattop plateaus, a lonely carpenter is sent out by mysterious benefactors to repair a Summer House. For Reginald Alphadem, it is the perfect job for the carpenter who loves isolation. He can spend the next eight months repairing, renovating and designing the perfect summer place.

But unexpected arrivals during a storm ruin his dreams. A family of eight, two parents, two children and four cats wander aimlessly about the home, making a mess wherever they go. A couple of drug addicts invade his space and play with his tools. And Fresca presumes authority by bossing everyone around.

But Reginald finds a love interest among them. Becca is a quirky lady that dances as a matter of course and carries a pet spider. Unfortunately, no one in the house likes either of them. This makes it difficult for him to make repairs and pursue Becca.

The storm has isolated the group from escaping, and strange occurrences leads Reginald to believe they are in trouble. The mystery starts with a few dead dogs and then a couple of cats. Then there are strange sightings of a creature at night. But then, one of their own goes missing.

The mystery becomes dangerous. Strange things are happening to the group, each discovering an odd alteration to their bodies. But that isn’t the worse of it. Their lives are in danger; something is stalking them.