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The Shifting Tide: A SciFi Action Romance (Dragonus Chronicles Book 3)

by Jay Shaw on 2019-06-13

After a five year assignment on an alternate Earth, General Mark Holden accepts a posting as Commander in Chief of Phoenix City; taking his wife Julia and their two sons back to the only place which truly feels like home. But all is not as it appears. When their children are threatened, the storm of frustration and desire for revenge may well tear Mark and Julia apart forever.

Meanwhile, in Dragonus Galaxy, the tide is shifting. For the first time in the history of Arcadia, a lowly technician is now Grand Chancellor. More deranged than his predecessor, Ediixii will stop at nothing to stake his claim as supreme galactic ruler. His X2 hybrids number in the tens-of-thousands. But two pieces of Ediixii’s grand plan remain elusive.

Will Phoenix City, and her allies, free Dragonus from the Arcadian scourge once and for all?

Can Mark and Julia remain united against seemingly insurmountable odds?

Find out in the adrenaline-fueled conclusion of Dragonus Chronicles’ first trilogy.

Reader's Note: Contains adult content best suited for readers over 18 years old.