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Crush (Elemental Hearts Book 3)

by Jayelle Morgan on 2018-01-31

She’s going to crush his resistance…
Micah prefers solitude. For an Earth Elemental, there is too much noise, too much chaos down in the mortal world. This mission guarding the Chaos portal is perfect for him, until a lovely human prospector shows up. Now he must guard the enemy portal while trying to keep her safe. And trying to keep his hands off her, because each encounter, each touch, awakens urges he’s been denying for decades. But she knows nothing of his kind, the enemy that threatens to destroy the world, or the powers in her own blood.

He’s going to rock her world…
Jade McNally will never fall for a mining partner again, especially not while she’s working herself to the bone trying to mine enough gemstones to pay for her mother’s care. She doesn’t have time to notice the huge muscles, sexy tattoos, or tender heart of the quiet man she’s hired to keep away claim jumpers. And she certainly doesn’t have time to notice the way he looks at her, like she’s testing his iron self-control. But she notices anyway, and the more she gets to know her security guard, the more she realizes he has secrets. Big ones.
But it turns out, the most earth-shattering secret could be inside herself.

Lurking in the shadows of the mountain are nightmarish forces trying to rip the world apart. Can Micah keep Jade safe and do his duty? Can Jade trust her instincts long enough to claim an extraordinary love? Or maybe they will both be crushed by Chaos instead.

Each book in this series can be read as a stand-alone; featuring a different couple with their own HEA ending. No cliffhangers! But your reading enjoyment will be greater if you start out with Book 1, BURN!