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Freedom Bound: Slipping the Leash (Solar Flame: Freedom Bound Book 4)

by Jayne Fury on 2017-08-15

Cordoba Constellar Conglomerate is taking over. Everything. Corrie Scott and Mateu Parker are teetering on the edge of indenture to the corporatocracy. But Corrie isn't a fainting female in need of rescue. When she inherits a ship, the same ship that's been sinking Mat into debt to Cordoba, she has a few tricks left that could help them both find out of the red tape. They'll have to rely on each other to outwit the corporation tha threatens to choke their fledgeling freedom.

Welcome to the Solar Flame universe where corporate suzerains control our heroine's lives. How do they win sovereignty over their own lives and their loves? . It's Bodice Ripping Ninjas in Space! A little bit of action pulp and adventure mixed with steamy romance. Firefly meets Buck Rogers and a bit of boudoir.

Slipping the Leash is the fourth installment of Freedom Bound, a serialized fiction. Set your one-click for a cracking good time. In Freedom Bound, Corrie Scott, late of Frobisher Corporation finds herself unleashed in enemy territory alone for the first time in her life. But she is plagued by the threat of corporate slavery and the devilishly handsome Mat Parker. Together they must battle through ridiculous red tape, space pirates, and backstabbing double crosses.