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Their Sacrifice: A Reverse Harem Romance (Utopia Inc Book 2)

by Jazz Michaels on 2018-05-31

Valda Bashan is trapped, but she is far from alone. Andreas, Hatch, Oz, and Dirk are all fighting to stay at her side as they work their way through a puzzling prison. The greater struggle for Valda is rebuilding the trust between the five of them. She doesn’t have their memories, but her guys have proved they’ll start over again as many times as needed. When Oz discovers they are on the clock, the pressure ramps. It will take every one of them working together to solve the riddling path to freedom. As they pull apart their lives to help her rebuild hers, Valda and her men will be tested.

If they succeed, none can really tell her what waits on the other side. They’ll sacrifice everything to save her, can she do any less?

***Their Sacrifice is the second book in the Utopia Inc series. A slow-burn reverse harem romance***

Their Memoriam: A Reverse Harem Romance (Utopia Inc Book 1)

by Jazz Michaels on 2018-02-28

Valda Bashan woke to the inexplicable—a biosphere where she and four others were the only occupants. She had a life before she woke, a life which seemed many years away and just like yesterday. A computerized voice welcomed her to Memoriam, the biosphere’s name and the job she’d accepted. The terms were clear, she and her companions had to make it work and only when they were complete would they be free to move on to the next task.

Andreas, Hatch, Oz, and Dirk couldn’t be more different, and each man seemed to be in the same boat as she. They didn’t remember agreeing to the project or what task it was they had to complete. If they can’t work together, they may never be able to escape. First, they have to learn to get a long, which might prove the most impossible task of all.

***Their Memoriam is the first book in the Utopia Inc series. A slow-burn reverse harem romance***