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The Fall of Autrikxia: A Sci-fi Romance Series (The Waljan Chronicles Book 5)

by JB Trepagnier on 2018-10-14

Before Ragnis Crystal, before Earth, before man, there was Autrikxia

Autrikxia is the only hospitable planet in the near galaxy. Overcrowded after centuries of a near immortal race living there, no one really has a solution to the problem. Jelani Chinasa has just returned from her mandatory military service in the badlands. Jelani only needs three things to be happy—good food, a good argument, and a nameless person to occupy her bed at night. Jelani’s sister, Ebele, is the exact opposite. She wants to meet her bond mate more than anything. Due to Autrikxia’s overcrowding, it is exceedingly rare to meet one’s bond mate anymore.

Jelani is shocked to meet hers prowling for someone to bring home one night. She avoids Kellan as much as she can, but once Ebele finds out the truth and gives her approval, Jelani completes the bond. Life with Kellan is not all roses. He is an empath who works at a top secret facility with children. His work frequently puts him in a foul mood and he comes home to take it out on Jelani.

Everything changes the night three special are conceived. Born to three bond mates on the night of a celestial event, no one knows what these children could be capable of. Kellan takes an unusual interest in the children, setting off Jelani’s radar as a detective.

She should be able to trust Kellan. If he was lying or up to something, she would be able to feel it through their bond. But Jelani still can’t shake the feeling something is wrong and those children will be hurt.

The Waljan Chronicles

  1. Child of Fire, Child of Ice

  2. Escape to Ragnis Crystal
  3. The Dysdaimon's Revenge
  4. The Waljan Crucible
  5. The Fall of Autrikxia

The Waljan Crucible: A Sci-Fi Romance Series (The Waljan Chronicles Book 4)

by JB Trepagnier on 2018-09-01

Before Ragnis Crystal and before Isolde snuck into Cendis as a slave, there were two queens trying to move towards peace behind their husband’s back. Both childless, they desperately want children, despite years of trying.

Fjola Astvinsson, queen of Avala is married to a madman intent on breaking the truce and destroying Cendis. Sartika, queen of Cendis, thinks her husband will eventually see reason and join the faction. The Autrikxians watching the queens and the factions decide to get involved again, despite swearing to never meddle with humans again.

Fjola and Sartika finally get their child after their husbands mysteriously die. Sartika thinks Elan is sent from the gods and Fjola thinks Isolde is her secret lover’s child. They know their children have gifts of fire and ice, like the old Cendians and Avalians. They promise their children will have normal childhoods until they can face their destiny and arrange a marriage between Elan and Isolde to seal the alliance.

Elan and Isolde start showing gifts their people never had. Gifts that start a web of lies on both sides. As the web of lies starts growing and growing, the fragile alliance may crumble. Isolde doesn’t react well to the lies and acts out every chance she gets. First, they worried Elan and Isolde might not like each other.

Now, they have to worry that their lies will keep Isolde from going to Cendis in the first place. The Waljan Crucible. An exciting prequel to Child of Fire, Child of Ice

The Waljan Chronicles

  1. Child of Fire, Child of Ice
  2. Escape to Ragnis Crystal
  3. The Dysdaimon's Revenge
  4. The Waljan Crucible
  5. The Fall of Autrikxia
  6. The Rise of Gida

The Dysdaimon's Revenge: A Sci-fi Romance Series (The Waljan Chronicles Book 3)

by JB Trepagnier on 2018-07-12

They should have worried more.

Not much is known about the Dysdaimons. They know Than sired them, but not what for. They know they have been turned into something that moves too fast to be seen and they have Isolde. They are keeping her somewhere so hot, she can't use her ice as a weapon. She has to use it to stay alive.

Isolde knows she's in a cave surrounded by strange lizard people and Anders. She knows she can't kill Anders and escape because they know how to activate the volcano. As she tries to manipulate Anders to sneak her to a pod so she can get out without being burned alive, she'd brought face to face with the real evil behind the Dysdaimon. Seth and his brother Morfran are their leaders. Seth wants Isolde and is half mad on Avalian Oracle. Morfran is a bloody thirsty half lizard who eats human flesh.

Isolde only has her wits to escape and Elan can't track her like he normally can. Will the lovers be united and stop the threat to paradise?

Escape to Ragnis Crystal: A Sci-Fi Romance Series (The Waljan Chronicles Book 2)

by JB Trepagnier on 2018-06-07

New Planet, New Challenges.

The migrations to Ragnis Crystal have started. The secrets of the bond animals and the Waljan teenager’s gifts have been revealed. An ancient race of aliens have made themselves known and are trying to guide the Waljans in their journey. Painful changes to all of their DNA must be endured to strip away what was always meant to be.

As their new society begins to grow and flourish and new gifts are being developed, something is not sitting right with gentle Elan. Deep down, Elan knows no one on Ragnis Crystal wants to hurt them and if they did, so all of them can read minds like Isolde now. The new Autrikxians can block their thoughts, but they’ve dropped their wards and he knows they are swore to their life to protect all of them. But something is sending him into a fierce, protective rage that Isolde and his unborn children are in danger.

A cryptic vision shows what could seem like a harmless decision could bring about the death of Isolde and the twins she is carrying.

Escape to Ragnis Crystal. The exciting sequel to Child of Fire, Child of Ice