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Barron's Last Stand (The Black Wing Chronicles Book 3)

by JC Cassels on 2017-08-08

It was supposed to be an easy job – break a crime boss’s kid brother out of prison and collect her fee. Bo Barron didn’t count on accidentally freeing Inner Circle Agent Blade Devon, nor did she count on him stowing away aboard her ship. Five years ago, he married her, betrayed her, lied to her, and used her. She swore she would kill him if their paths ever crossed again.

Blade knew he was taking a risk boarding her ship, but an attempt on the Overlord’s life has landed Bo in the cross-hairs of every bounty hunter and law enforcement agent in the Commonwealth. In a frame-up so perfect that it even fools her uncle, Blade is her only alibi.

With the fate of her people, and the future of the Commonwealth itself at stake, can Bo set aside five years of hurt and anger to trust him one more time? Or will the Barron make her last stand alone?