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Arriving Soon


Maroon #5

by Jefferey Rafter on 2018-10-28

In a universe, far away there is a multinational corporation which runs the ultimate intergalactic base station. It's where every single male in the Roughan Galaxy, goes to in order to find a suitable bedder. They work to earn their credits, and the total of their credits determines their ability to provide for the bedder. They must sign a contract stating that they will not abuse the bedder, they will provide suitable sustenance and medical assistance if required and they must also ensure the safety of the bedder.

Scout works for the multinational corporations within – Maroon #5, Roughan Galaxy Sector 911, and it is his responsibility to discover new galaxies and to provide new bedder's for the brokerage.

Ruby has had to fight her entire life. She refuses to be treated like a helpless female. She's a great mechanic and a reasonably fair boss. Although her younger sister Kalayah, who works in the office, probably only says that because she's chasing a pay rise.

When two worlds collide can Scout trust Ruby to repair The Goliath and can Ruby trust Scout to keep her and her sister safe if she helps him fix his broken throttle.