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Dirty Hands: A Dystopian Affair (Post-Plague Sex Book 2)

by Jenna Phillips on 2018-01-21

Book 2 continues to follow Sean & Katie through their post-apocalyptic affair. Sean is hesitant given their history and age difference but Katie is an adult now and can't live without the satisfaction that he brings her. Is Sean as interested in keeping this affair alive through rough times? Can he resist her despite the risks?

Continued from Book 1: The modern plague has hit mankind and is wiping out populations in major metropolises around the world. Anarchists and terrorists have quickly taken advantage of the weakness to cut the wires, resulting in a blackout and chaos. Less than two weeks into the darkness, the lights are still off and people don’t know a world beyond their own neighborhoods.

Katie, a sophomore in college, was home for spring break this year when the plague hit and her family was prepared for the black-out. Sean is their 29-year-old neighbor and Katie has been keeping an eye on him. She has no shortage of day dreams, desperate to touch his sweaty chest as he unknowingly puts on a show for her in the window and front yard each day. What would he do if she walked over there?

Hooking up with her former babysitter would be inappropriate in normal society, but life isn’t so normal anymore. With the world at its end and her teenage years behind her, is this her best opportunity to pursue the man she has desired for years?

Katie has dated plenty of boys in the past but she’s ready for a man now and he seems interested.