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Arriving Soon



by Jennifer Anderson on 2018-08-13

Iris lives in a desperate world.

Her village clings to the side of a mountain, and every day they must hunt for food while running from the massive beasts known as buku. Designed in a lab, buku were to be the planet’s salvation. Instead, they destroyed it.

As a medic, Iris does what she can, but for the people of Camp Five, it’s become a matter of what kills them first - starvation, the cold, or buku.

There is little cause for hope until she crosses paths with strangers - Micah and the golden-eyed Oso. Her impulsive decision to help them marks her as a traitor to the tyrant who runs her village and stirs the jealousy of his son.

But the strangers must be protected at all costs. Because they may know the secret to defeating buku.

Buku is a fast-paced, romantic, sci-fi thriller from Jennifer Anderson about a post-apocalyptic world teetering on the brink of extinction, and the young woman who must find the strength to save those she loves before they all fall to the Buku.

Download your copy of Buku today. And then start running.