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How I Married a LifeHolo King (and Got 12 Billion Shares)

by Jennifer Boyatt on 2018-06-27

The answer was a Definite No when LifeHolo third king KimWuBinKingofKorea proposed marriage to HelenLovesFreedom during an episode of his show. But Turns Out a Girl Will Do Anything To Protect Her Grandsons—including a fake engagement and bringing down the house of a premiere club in Miami (Eat that, AmitPravesh5331!). Set twelve years after the Real Mess and the Ultinet Reboot, KimWuBinKingofKorea and HelenLovesFreedom's light-hearted and fervent romance ranges the planet: Phoenix; Seoul; Vancouver; Miami; Bucharest; Lucerne, Switzerland; the steppes of Mongolia; Croatia; and Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Also includes some Serious Stuff (Bring Tissues). And, oh yes—biscotti. And BoBo the cat. And yogurt. And dolphins. And chocolate chip cookies. And a First Kiss that was actually the second. And—well—You'll Have To Subscribe to the Show to find out the rest!