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Dr. Frank N. Stein: Hell on Earth (Book 4)

by Jennifer Martucci on 2018-12-22

Melissa and Gabriel thought their nightmare had ended, that they would finally enjoy peace in their lives. But one night, an old friend returns with news that threatens to bring their world crashing down around them. They must travel once again to a faraway location and confront unspeakable horror. This fourth installment of the Dr. Frank N. Stein series will leave you at the edge of your seat. Lives will be changed forever, loyalties will be challenged, and good will be put to the ultimate test against evil.

Dr. Frank N. Stein: Dark Ending (Book 5)

by Jennifer Martucci on 2018-12-22

Time is ticking down to the dark ending of humankind…
Gabriel James races into the heart of darkness hoping to rescue the only woman he has ever loved, Melissa Martin. Will he be able to save her, or is she lost forever?
Jack, Alex and Daniella make a stand in an attempt to save a town from certain destruction. Will they succeed or are they fighting an insurmountable force?
Amber and Kyle race to stop the release of a virus so deadly, it will eradicate humankind. Will they make it in time or will humanity fall?
Find out in this heart-stopping, action-packed final installment of the DR. FRANK N. STEIN SERIES.

Dr. Frank N. Stein: The Faceless Man (Book 2)

by Jennifer Martucci on 2018-11-22

Gabriel James never imagined he would fall in love, didn’t believe it possible, until he met Melissa. Melissa Martin changed him, transformed his life completely and caused him to feel as he never had before. He never dreamed his origins would put her at risk and ultimately threaten her life. He never thought he would have to leave and endure the pain of losing her. To ensure her safety, he made a deal with his creator, Dr. Franklin N. Stein, to disappear and take with him incriminating evidence that implicated the geneticist in the embezzlement of genetic material and human cloning. In exchange for her safety, he was forced to disappear to a remote location and never return to Harbingers Falls again. When Gabriel left Harbingers Falls five months earlier, he thought he’d lost everything. He believed he had no choice but to exist in a world without the only person he had ever loved, the only person that had ever loved him. He soon discovers, however, that his suffering has been in vain, that leaving Harbingers Falls was a horrible mistake. He unearths vital evidence that suggests Melissa is in danger and that Dr. Stein has not upheld his end of their agreement. He suspects that old enemies have come back to pursue her, that their missions have been resurrected. Gabriel must race against time and travel to Harbingers Falls to save Melissa from the evil that is closing in all around her. He returns to find that things are far different than what he originally thought. Will Gabriel be able to save Melissa from the danger that threatens from every direction or has a new ally arrived to take her away, forever?

Dr. Frank N. Stein: The Rise of Gabriel (Book 1)

by Jennifer Martucci on 2018-11-21

A classic horror tale that has spanned centuries with a modern twist…
Every town has secrets. But is Harbingers Falls ready to be home to the most terrible of all secrets? A madman, who seeks to eradicate humanity and replace it with his own creations, nestled among them? Recently relocated to the small, sleepy town in upstate New York, Dr. Franklin N. Stein has a secret. A terrifying secret…
Gabriel James was not brought to life with a bolt of lightning. He was not sewn together from the corpses of the fallen. He was, however, created in a sophisticated lab as the prototype of the future of humankind. Deemed the perfect specimen by the brilliant Dr. Stein, Gabriel possesses unparalleled intelligence, looks and agility. A shining beacon to be introduced to the dull, dismal masses as a high-school student. But more important than his looks, intelligence and physical prowess is the adjustment his maker made to his brain that stripped him of the ability to feel. Dr. Stein sees emotion as the ultimate flaw of humanity. A weakness responsible for every ill in society worldwide. Gabriel is not flawed. Gabriel is not weak. Gabriel is the future.
Seventeen year old Melissa Martin has never seen a boy as handsome as Gabriel. The day he arrives at her school, her life changes. As she gets to know him, she realizes he’s unlike any boy she’s ever met. In fact, he’s unlike anyone she’s ever met. She likes everything about him. He seems … perfect. But is he?
Gabriel never felt a single emotion in his short existence. Happiness, fear, anger and sadness—words he was familiarized with but never truly experienced. All of that changes the day he meets Melissa. She awakens feelings he isn’t supposed to have. Feelings that make him contemplate risking everything—his very life—to be with her. Discovery of his newfound feelings would result in his demise, his maker will terminate him. Can Melissa accept the dark secret of his creation?
Will Gabriel risk it all just to be with Melissa? Will Dr. Franklin N. Stein discover what Gabriel is hiding and unleash another of his secrets—his first creation, a creature more deadly and horrific than any to ever walk the earth?
Find out in the first book of the Dr. Frank N. Stein series …

*formerly Dark Creations: Gabriel Rising (Books 1&2)*