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Arriving Soon


The Rebel Queen (Anasta Chronicles Book 3)

by Jenny McKane on 2018-06-24

Her destiny finally awaits her…but is it too late for her heart’s desire?

They call her the Rebel Queen. A woman descended from a long line of Anasta warrior women. A woman who has finally found her power, and her role.

The Far North of the realm of Agnoria has been liberated at last by the rebel forces, and they are looking to advance into the South. To defeat the mighty oppressor Agnor, once and for all. The rebellion is on the cusp of victory for the whole realm. Can the Jarle find a way to turn the tide, and stop the rebels from advancing?

But Avalon is finding out that sometimes it is lonely at the top. She has had to make sacrifices, which weigh heavily upon her.

There were two men who fought alongside Avalon, to get to where she is. Skyresh Sakr, the charismatic rebel leader, and Everard Varr, the former guardian of the realm. One of them is still by her side, but they are no longer friends. And the other she willingly let go, to save him from himself…

Can Avalon finally realise her destiny, without the two men who have always been by her side? And can she ever hope to make the choice that they both desire?

The Black Witch (Anasta Chronicles Book 2)

by Jenny McKane on 2018-06-24

She must travel where she has never gone before…and she must trust that she has powers that she has never hoped to believe in…

It is a strange new world for Avalon, Everard and Skyresh.

In the Safe Zone, they meet Mother Oda, an exile from The Time Before, when the Anasta ruled the realm. Mother Oda sees that Avalon has a special destiny, and a power so great that it would rival even the power of the great ruler Agnor. But Avalon is untrained. How will she and the two men who accompany her hope to defeat the Black Witch who lives in The Tower, at the centre of the zone?

But they must try. The Black Witch has created strange, new creatures, who she is training as an army to control the people of Agnoria. Their mission is to kill the witch, and liberate the animals. But the sorcerer’s power is great.

Together, the three must cross harsh deserts, and defeat magical illusions to get to the witch. But, all of that seems easy compared with the internal battles that they must fight – with themselves and each other.

And then, there is the Storyteller, who comes to help them, when they most need it. He is on their side…so why does it seem that he is turning them against each other?

As they battle the harsh terrain and strange, magical creatures to get to their destination, Avalon, Everard and Skyresh will find friendships where they least expect it, but also discover that there is darkness at the heart of everyone…

The Mighty One (Anasta Chronicles Book 1)

by Jenny McKane on 2018-06-03

What happens when the past is not what you thought it was?

Avalon Lund is a girl who has everything. The daughter of a Minister in the government of the revered leader Agnor, she has only one ambition: to serve as a Grey Guard, an elite warrior who protects the realm. She has known since she was a girl that it is her destiny, even though her parents want her to act as a well brought up Jarle girl should, and concentrate on finding a wealthy and well-connected husband.

Everard Varr’s only ambition is to serve the realm, too. When he meets Avalon at the Academy, where Grey Guards are trained, they vie for the coveted title of First Guard, the most elite warrior of their year.

Neither Avalon nor Everard are happy when they must learn to trust and rely on each other on their very first mission to the Far North of the realm, where they must gather information about a rebellion. And hope to catch the elusive and magnetic rebel leader; The Mighty One.

Skyresh Sakr has known since he was a boy that he was destined to join the rebellion. He has heard the stories of The Time Before, when magic was not treason, and a great line of warrior Queens ruled the realm. He will do anything for his people. When he captures an enemy agent in the Far North, he doesn’t know why he feels that she has a special destiny…nor why he feels compelled to trust her.

Avalon knows that Skyresh is a liar, a dangerous man who threatens the security of the realm that she holds so dear, and has sworn to protect. So why do his stories disarm her?

As the three warriors battle for supremacy in the remote wilderness of the Far North, none of them can foresee how their destinies will intertwine, and threaten everything that they have believed about themselves and the realm that they hold so dear.