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One Bride for the Mountain Men: A Reverse Harem Romance

by Jess Bentley on 2018-12-10

Five reclusive billionaire mountain men, and they all want me. 
Little did I know the end was only the beginning with these men.
Each Boen billionaire is more gorgeous than the last.
Plus, they're willing to share.

I quit my stupid job after I did everything for my boss. 
Well, everything to get the story: bartend, Uber, even strip on stage.
Now I'm getting the real scoop about some reclusive billionaires, and I have an 'in':
One of them was my high school sweetheart.

Only thing is, the end they're preparing for might finally be happening,
while things between us are just starting to heat up.
The eldest Boen brother is strong and ruthless,
While my high school sweetheart is twice as sweet.
The twins are impossibly hot.
And the last cares about every inch of me. 
The story I'm chasing might be unbelievable but the things I can't tell are much hotter.

Until it's all over, and it the truth has to come out. Can our relationship stand the whole world knowing our every secret?

This is a steamy standalone 51000 word novel with a HEA, and no cheating!