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Arriving Soon



by Jessica L. Randall on 2018-01-22

Lexi is almost certain that her rescue by an extraterrestrial was just a vivid nightmare. But when the boy that has haunted her dreams shows up in her speech class, she has to accept that it was all too real. To complicate matters, Micah didn't just save her life, he chose her. She is his test subject.
Even though she should be terrified, Lexi suspects that the rigid, rule-abiding alien isn’t what he seems. As she helps him uncover the sensitivity and individuality his superiors have tried to bury, the bond between them grows. Their connection creates unexpected changes in both of them, but for Lexi, they mean danger. A super-human ability has been awakened in her, making Lexi and her little brother specimens of interest to Micah’s ruthless alien race. When Micah discovers that Lexi is no ordinary lab rat, will he help her and her family, or will he use her to advance his species and win the respect of his father? And even if he chooses her, is there a way out for either of them?