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Arriving Soon


De Ja You

by Jessica N. Lane on 2018-11-08

We all know how repetitive school days can be, but when Leah and Owen find themselves stuck in a time loop where the same day has repeated itself 100 times already, they find new meaning in the world mundane. With the help of a mystic in a rare book shop, they learn that time loops are the result of a regret held deeply enough by two souls, and the only way to break them is to erase the regret. Turns out Leah's love for Owen isn't unrequited after all, but can the two of them overcome their hang ups over telling each other how they feel, or will they doom themselves and the entire town to repeat the same mundane, school day for the rest of their lives?

To the Moon and Back

by Jessica N. Lane on 2018-05-01

In a future where the earth is dying, and Nova, is struggling just to make it through everyday. Orphaned at the age of eight, she's grown up on the streets of Scalar stealing and fighting to survive. When she was thirteen, her best friend switched sides to become a bounty hunter commissioned to track down “criminals” like her, but five years later, when their paths cross again after she gets herself into serious trouble, will she be surprised to learn where his loyalties truly lie? The two of them soon find themselves on a mission to overthrow a corrupt government, but where do their secret feelings for each other factor into the equation?

The Man and the Moon

by Jessica N. Lane on 2018-02-18

The sun and moon had been lovers for eons until tragedy struck, and they were forced to take human form. Now, every century, new vessels are born among what remains of the human race to house the two spirits. The moon spirit has chosen Luna as her next vessel, but the sun spirit has unfortunately chosen Helios, a boy she can't stand. With the survival of the human race depending on the two of them falling in love, will they be able to overcome their differences, and realize that they're destined for each other, or is the whole world as good as stardust?