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Risking the Heart: Giulia’s adventures begin (The Risk Series Book 1)

by Jessie Harris on 2017-07-09

Giulia is a widow who is done with grieving. She needs men in her life, and she determines to find them and enjoy them. She quickly discovers that they are easy to find, but difficult to manage. Either their or her own emotions get in the way of simple companionship and sex. Complications range from trivial to life-threatening.

Two attractive men compete for her affections, but only succeed in driving her away from her job and her home, and into a new career on board a cruise ship. A nasty individual ruins her sojourn in Italy, and becomes a lurking threat. Happily, she finds friendship with her ex-boss, Howard. They help with each other's problems and find a strong bond developing between them. Howard is a good man, but has a complicated life. Giulia finds that he cannot always be there when she needs him. His and her futures are anything but clear.

Giulia's adventures begin in the not-too-distant future of 2048. A recognizable but somewhat different world throws up interesting scenarios and new challenges.This volume ends inconclusively, but Giulia's story is set to progress in future volumes of the "Risk" series.

The author, Jessie Harris, states that her goal is to "express the emotional, sexual and thought experiences of a modern, sensual woman, for the entertainment and edification of modern, sensual women (and men) everywhere". Her writing pulls one into a new world of possibilities.