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C: *Sizzling* Galactic Cyborg Heat Series. Book 13

by Jessie Rose Case on 2018-09-29

An Erotic Happily Ever After, Cyborg Romance. In The Galactic Cyborg Heat Series.

NOTE TO READERS: This is a sci-fi romance filled with hot explicit sex, strong dominant men. It’s gritty, confrontational and steam will be coming out of your ears. If you’re looking for something to get those juices flowing, you just found it. Enjoy!

This novel is written mainly in British English, with American words and language and slang from both languages.


He came back to life with a jerk, knowing his systems were compromised. His eyelids blinking as they received data. His systems uploaded. Diagnostic checks ran. His optics lit up with reports and errors crossing it. Malfunctions. Insufficient data input. Time logs ...... deactivated. Memory ...... shutdown. Emotions ....... deactivated. Pain receptors ...... turned off. Physical integrity ...... limited. Severe processor damage. Power ...... low. Instinctively he opened his eyes, looking around him. He needed an upload and fast.

He was a mess.

Do you hear us C model? ..... filtered into his brain.

His optics cleared. Two Cyborgs stood over his crate. Systems check ...... communications. Audio only. "I hear you," he told them verbally. His voice gravelly, still no report to show him how long it had been since his last communication. Error …. Ran across his optic. He could hear them over his neuro net but not communicate via it. …..Neuro net compromised, the report told him.

"You are damaged and found, Cyborg. We will fix you. You are safe here. Welcome to the Cyborg Empire."

From nowhere, impulses flooded his system. A tightness crossed his chest. Another malfunction? he wondered swallowing. Closing his eyes, he checked his systems. He felt …..lighter, stronger, better. We’re his senses on after all? Data flowed. No.

Had he survived ..... to live?


Elenor was a survivor too. She still didn’t quite believe it. The pirate attacks had decimated her community. Their people dead and gone. So many lives lost. Her father, her friend’s fathers, their sons and some of their females too. So few were left to fight, to welcome their saviors when they’d come at last.

The Cyborg Empire had arrived, offered assistance and were deadly, to their enemies. Soldiers made for war and yet, they had shown they had great compassion and were more than that. Wanted more than that. Wanted a future and the elders had agreed. They could stay.

They were searching. For others of their kind and for mates. Those females that triggered their emotions, fired the passions that once awakened, consumed them. Finding many on her world had been a surprise. But not her. She didn’t want that. The cost was too high. People died and left her all alone….

Yet again, unmated females stood near the receiving area for that month’s rotation of Cyborgs in the hope of finding a mate. She ignored them and did her job. Welcoming those women and children joining them to start again and sending them to medical. Glad to see them safe and well, she quickly moved them on. Elenor needed to be busy and not think about what was going on around her.

Until the sense of being watched hit her. Turning she saw the Cyborg on the off-ramp watching her. Her mouth dried. He looked like one of those Norse gods of old. She watched as he sniffed the air, his eyes flared and intensely gazed on her.

O hell no…

Kane: Galactic Cyborg Heat Series Book 6

by Jessie Rose Case on 2018-05-05

This is a Happily Ever After Romance Novel

NOTE TO READERS: If you love the work of Anna Hackett and Eve Langlais you will love this. This is a sci fi romance filled with hot sex, strong dominant men and sexy females who know how to hold their own. It’s gritty, confrontational and stream will be coming out of your ears. If you’re looking for something to get those juices flowing, you just found it. Enjoy!

This novel is written mainly in British English, with Americanism’s and slang from both languages.


The darkness was lifting again. Pain seeped into his receptors. To his shame he couldn’t hold back the moan that escaped him. He was Cyborg and better than this. Hating his failing, he welcomed the soothing hands and kind voice that filtered into his pain and took the edge off.

Kane sighed. He was weak. He needed her touch. The female took their pain away, cared for them and smelled so dam good. His body heated and awakened. He couldn't deny it, he wanted her.

The distress in her voice told him he looked bad this time. No longer able to turn off his pain receptors, it did feel worse. He wondered how much more he and his men could take. He didn’t like her like this. Worried, scared, unsure.

She was fragile, needed protecting. They had to escape.....

All of them. Would she help them get free? He wanted to touch her. Be with her, take her away from this place of pain.

Laura held back the sob that threatened to escape her. She hated this dam job. It was not what they told her. The war was long over and yet, they held Cyborgs. That was a crime wasn't it?

They experimented on them like they did animals. It sickened her. They did what they wanted for their own interests and expected her to put them back together again. It made her heart ache. What the hell was she doing here? She was a tech whizz, not a bloody magician or a doctor.

Couldn’t they see what they were doing to these men? The damage they did? The pain they caused? Laura closed her eyes. She knew the truth now. These people were monsters. They didn't care. They used people and when they were no longer useful, they got rid of them. Laura swallowed, how long before more of them were no more use?

These were hero’s. She knew there were those that didn’t think like that and they were wrong. She knew from her own family’s history and the files she had access to, just how wrong they were. No human man could have survived the wars and this treatment. They were men of flesh and blood and one in particular caught her gaze time and time again.... was it wrong to feel for someone held captive?

He was their leader. Had an edge to him that screamed danger. There was no doubt he was strong. He took the worst of the experiments. Had that not told her, looking at his body would. Even with the damage it was honed to perfection. And cried out for her touch…..

Laura’s face heated. The unwarranted thought catching her unaware. It was inappropriate and abusive to think like that, to crave someone who had no free will.

Her body betraying her, giving life to her desires, it pulsed as she tried to clean up the latest damage to his body. It was so badly torn up this time. A cry caught in her throat and she hesitated to touch him again.

Laura’s eyes flicked up to his face. She watched as Kane breathed in. He did it a lot around her lately. And when he spoke for the first time, it shocked her to her core.

“I smell your desire for me female. Release me so I can touch you.”