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Time Travel Romance: A Time to Love (Romance,Science Fiction,Time Travel,Fantasy)

by JH Atilson on 2018-05-06

Caine Newman was a young, charismatic man who was always fascinated with history. Growing up in Philadelphia, he lived very close to Independence Hall where the United States Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were written. He frequently imagined what it must have looked like to see Thomas Jefferson writing each document. As a millennial, you could say that Caine was the outsider of his generation. Instead of being interested in sports and electronics, he was a history buff. It was his favorite subject in grade school, and it later became the profession that he would find himself in as an adult.

Caine taught U.S. History at the University of Pennsylvania. He was one of the youngest history professors that the university ever had teaching there. At just 26 years old, Caine certainly excelled quickly in his educational studies to teach at such a reputable school. Of course, he had no time for any real social life outside of teaching. His only hobbies included reading scientific literature and watching documentaries on the History Channel. He never thought of himself as an attractive man. He had been balding since he turned 20, so he kept his hair cut very short. It constantly made him feel inadequate about his appearance....