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Crux of Paramour, Genesis

by Jim Neville on 2017-09-01

This is the prequel to Crux of Paramour, Book 1, Bonding. You can read this book first, but it will ruin a couple surprise twists in Crux of Paramour, Bonding. This book also ends where Crux of Paramour, Bonding begins. This was not done to entice people to buy another book. This book is bonus material for that one.

Zach Saxon is a computer programmer who finds himself thrust into the world of espionage and intrigue. Nearly everything he and the rest of the world knows to be true is misdirection and misinformation. Politics, finance, news, war, entertainment, opinion, everything ... it was influenced by the Thought Police. They controlled little, but influenced much. It is an autonomous organization which answers to no one.

Zach is gifted with a blessing and a curse. He has the ability to know things without actually knowing them. Zach's paranormal intuition is identified despite the psychic suppression efforts of the Thought Police. This makes him a target for manipulation.

The tale of Rosie's origin is finally told. She is Zach's soul-mate in Crux of Paramour, Bonding. This book takes place prior to either of them being "reincarnated" and bonded again.