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Arriving Soon


Nara's Redemption

by JL Oiler on 2018-04-01

Nara could still hear his soft whispers in her ear, promises of the places he wanted her to see at his side and the things they would share. She’d known even then they were nothing but words. Still she’d allowed herself to dream, knowing at the end of the competition they would both return to the worlds they knew. Then again, that had been before the announcement they would be facing one another in one of two semifinal rounds. Nara had not even had a chance to shower before the heralds were calling for the event to begin.
“They smell me on you.” Tarken had chuckled as his brethren sniffed the air and looked about confused.
It had been a rather uneven match from the start with the large werewolf toying with her as Nara did her best to hold her own. So it had been a complete surprise to everyone when she’d managed a spiraled twist of her body and sword to send his own blade flying across the ground. No one ever disarmed Taren, and his response changed things forever. Nara’s actions may have allowed her to disarm the large male, however it also brought them face to face, inches separating the pair. In honesty, she’d expected him to strike or kick her. Instead he did the truly unthinkable. Grabbing her about the waist and hauling her tight against his chest, Taren roared loud before sinking his teeth deep into her shoulder. The pain was like hot nails being driven deep until they struck bone. Nara remembered the sound of her own scream filling her ears though she’d been unaware she had made a single sound. When he finally released her and took a step back, he’d had the audacity to smile and lick his lips.
“Sweet as the rest of you.” He’d chuckled as the world spun uncontrollably around her before her legs would no longer support her. Collapsing to the ground she’d heard the sobs of Karee nearby before everything went black.