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Arriving Soon


The Oron Nexus: Empathy

by Jo Eddy on 2018-12-18

Forced from her beloved Forest by the Integration Act, Betzee must do her three years National Service with the technologically advanced City Dwellers. Her expertise in caving, gets her assigned to a ship in the Space Corps Science Division for an important mission only a tiny woman like her can undertake, but she is kidnapped before the ship’s even left the dock.
She hadn’t been planning on finding a life-partner yet. She was only twenty years old after all. But she seemed to have attracted the attention of two men: the young lad, her age, also doing his National Service; and the older Space Corps Officer. She had to make a choice and she had to get it right …. The physically induced bond meant it wasn’t just a matter of future happiness; her life depended on it too.