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Mars Madness: A Lighthearted Romantic Space Romp (Tripping on Mars Book 1)

by Jodi Bowersox on 2018-10-30

It would only take a dream and twenty billion dollars to create a resort on Mars. But at a million dollars a ticket, it was a luxury that only the .01% could afford.
Until the Mars Madness Lottery.
For the price of a fifty dollar lottery ticket, even burger flipping Joes and Janes could have a shot at a Mars adventure. Even hyper-organizational, germophobic, scaredy cat, fussy pants Katrina McKenna, who only bought a ticket at her daughter Frankie's insistence.
With the addition of one ex-husband, two new flames, a love-sick robotic maid, a ten-year-old cybersecurity whiz, a reclusive scientist and his genetically modified horses on a Mars transport four football fields in length with all the amenities of a cruise ship---plus a labyrinth---madness is just to be expected.