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Quantum Butterfly: Reality Is Chaos

by Joe Dacy on 2018-04-22

September, 2032: A dull boom echoes through the urban canyons of downtown Dallas. A 50-story skyscraper shudders. A firecracker-like rumble fills the air. In five seconds, floor by floor, the 646-foot tower pancakes into the ground.

Six months earlier, Rusty Chambers, a quantum programmer, takes a consulting job with the Artificial Intelligence giant, Quantum Query. The secretive, insular company's Project 143771 will revolutionize the field . . .

... IF it can survive the hordes of techjays, the anti-AI protesters.
... IF Rusty can navigate the labyrinth of corporate politics, greed, and deceit.
... And IF he can break free of the cycles of History, and the Butterfly Effects of his personal decisions.

Explore the Dark Side of AI -- where Reality IS Chaos!