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Arriving Soon



by Joe Hope on 2019-06-13

Patrick escaped seconds before the facility exploded. More specifically, he was thrown through the fourth storey window.

These days, he'd count that as good luck.

Over the last year, Patrick went from being a happily married engineer to a convicted murderer, then to a victim of illegal medical experiments. He was one of the few 'lucky' survivors who had augmented physical attributes, at the cost of hormonally-induced insanity.

After an unexpected encounter, Patrick suddenly finds himself free. More specifically, half dead in a hospital bed, with gunmen hunting him. Recovering his wits in the chaos, he needs some answers. How will he survive being pursued by both sides of the law? Who is this group of heavily armed women trying to help him? In his new state, is he fit company for them? And perhaps the most disturbing question of all: even if Patrick does survive, how much of him will be left?

Enjoy this fast-paced action adventure!