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Arriving Soon


Mina More

by John Stone on 2017-11-02

What happens when your perfectly programmed wife starts craving more? One unsuspecting man is about to find out.

Tim McNamee is a young IT professional from Southwest England who lives in an area known to the central European powers in Brussels as Sector 9G. He made the decision years ago to buy a cyborg bride named Mina and is finally ready to tell the story of why he opted for an electronic lover. Marriage is tough enough for average couples, but the complexities of being wed to an artificially created person presents unique challenges.

Mina is, by all accounts, content with her husband. She owes her existence to Tim, but over time yearns for something different and special. More love, more life, more fun, more friends, more laughter, more thoughts, more things, more “more”. Her restlessness causes her to search for answers to the nature of her being and the pursuit leads to an underground religious group known as the Association of God's Children. However, it also results in Mina exiting her habitation zone without permission from CyberG, the company that built her.

The couple find themselves entrenched in a serious predicament. Mina is caught between Tim, the only love of her short life, and a spiritual search that threatens to reveal more about the nature of her being than she could possibly imagine. Tim thinks of her as an independent person, but his sensibilities are tested when she claims to have supernatural powers. Will Mina’s yearning for something more become their undoing? The authorities are closing in and time is running out for a happily ever after.