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The Braxin King: Book One

by John Dill on 2018-02-06

My intention was to take this story with me to the grave. Something happened recently to change my mind. Who would believe me? If you think we're alone in this universe, think again. If you've ever wondered why humans only have access to ten percent of our on. If you think we're at the top of the food chain, remember the cow and the chicken. Only what's being harvested from humanity is the best part of our brains. Not to worry. Not being alone in this universe has an upside to it as well. An ancient clan of all female aliens and a high tech interstellar transit system could set us free. This species, very similar to our modern day Mormons religiously follow a Goddess creator of our universe. A Goddess they call Mother Time. And she is very real. I know whereof I speak. She's chosen me as Braxin's anointed King. I don't know why specifically. She just keeps saying "My heart is pure." Not sure what she means by that but I'm not gonna argue the point. Especially when I can actually be the catalyst that sets humanity, and another two thirds of the alien species around this universe, free. Braxin's never had a King but they've been taught their entire lives that one will arise. No man has ever been allowed on Braxin since their great war, over a billion years ago. Oh...and when a Braxin marries, they marry for life. They religiously follow an ancient vow that demands they die with their mate, if he dies first. They're even provided a tiny poison pill that does the trick quickly and painlessly. It's provided during their adulthood ceremony when they go from being girls to women. I had the great fortune to marry such a Braxin. So this is also a romance story extraordinaire.