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ALPHA: The Story of Elite Tanner Ronin

by John Mark Tucker on 2019-01-06

You’ve watched Elite Tanner Ronin through the eyes of the love of his life, Katrina Sterling, in the Elite series. You’ve also seen him through the eyes of Jackson Daniels in the Time Over Time novels.

Now it’s time to hear from the great man himself.

Over the course of an interview with a Terran writer named Giovanni, Tanner Ronin recounts the many good—and sometimes not so good—events that formed him into the most powerful warrior his people have ever seen. His years in military training, the great battles, his first love, and the never-ending challenges with his father are all laid bare in his story. Oh, and there was this mysterious fellow Elite named Canter along the way, wreaking havoc and changing Tanner’s life—and not always for the better.

ALPHA stands as its own story while providing a great deal of history and background related to all of the Elite series. Fans of the Elite and Time Over Time series can rejoice over the newest addition to the Elite family of novels.