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Arriving Soon


A Lifetime in Atlantis

by John McWilliams on 2018-09-24

When Matthew Roark sets out to write the novel of a lifetime—Atlantis—he knows just who to turn to for help: bestselling author Stephanie Wilde, his childhood friend. What he doesn't know is that their collaboration will lead to something more: love.

Despite Stephanie’s literary successes and Matt’s inability to finish his novel, the two build a life together. But both struggle to understand the purpose behind the hours they spend creating their works of fiction. While Stephanie attempts to tackle the problem philosophically, Matthew takes refuge in his novel, incorporating her ideas into its fantastical realm.

As the years go by and the two slip deeper and deeper into Atlantis—where its protagonists must fight to save their world—Matthew and Stephanie discover that the answer to the question that’s been plaguing them is right there in front of them, on the pages of an unfinished novel that has become their world.