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Jimmy Prophet's Library: The Crystal Shard

by John Milor on 2017-09-29

In book one, Jimmy Prophet's Library, we were introduced to a simple minded, humble, obscure Arkansas backwoods country teen, who accidentally fell into a deep pit in the Ozark hills. The pit turned out to be an underground chamber; an archaeological library of ancient crystals left behind from a long forgotten, highly advanced civilization. These were not ordinary crystals. When Jimmy touched one of them, his brain was "defragmented," and he uploaded enhanced kinetic abilities, and an unfathomable mathematical knowledge, including the Grand Unifying Theorem.

The first book covered only the span of a few days of Jimmy's life, when his entire world was turned on its head. This book is the sequel; it picks up where Jimmy left off, sort of. Explaining the "sort of" part, involves a deeper discussion of parallel universes, referred to as "potential realities," the time-space continuum, and a host of other details, all of which Jimmy is clueless about. All that he knows is that he finds himself in a mysterious place once again, facing an unfathomably beautiful young girl his age, and both he and the girl have amnesia. They have no idea what happened to them for the past few days, and everything that occurred in book one, is wiped from their memory.

In book one, Jimmy shocked all of his teachers, and peers, and accumulated an entire community of new found friends, obtaining an instant celebrity status that he wanted nothing to do with. In this book, it is Jimmy and Elisa who are shocked and clueless, having no idea what's in store for them when they return to their homes, much less when they return to school the following day.

To make matters worse, both Jimmy and Elisa have stepped on a broken crstal, which happens to be one of the most powerful of all. It's wondrous, yet dangerous, and its unpredictable side effects are wide and varied. If Jimmy Prophet made you laugh in book one, this sequel will have you splitting your sides and falling on the floor. This story will also fill your heart with a vivid reminder of falling in love, as Jimmy and Elisa join the ranks of immortal soul mates among the celestial spheres of passionate adoration.