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Arriving Soon


Fallen from Heaven

by John Palso on 2017-11-11

Goddard Trevor, a young man from Montreal, Canada, is passionate about the universe and all its mysteries. He is eager to progress in his career and become a renowned scientist. However, one thing is more important than anything: his love, Bethany Casillas.
After graduating and receiving an attractive job offer at NASA in Los Angeles, Goddard leaves his hometown. He is also separated from his love. It is hard for him to leave, but he does it for a better future for him and Bethany, or so he thinks.
Once at his new job, he is offered a chance to be part of a top-secret project, which he refuses. This project would allow him to travel in time, but it would also separate him from everything and everyone in his current life. He cannot possibly accept. Nevertheless, after a series of unfortunate events, Goddard reconsiders his decision and decides to risk it all.
Follow Goddard in this book as he experiences the ride of his life, one that will make him literally fall from among the stars…