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Viral (The Casdan Chronicles Book 2)

by Johnna Kaye on 2018-08-28

In the first book of the Casdan Chronicles, Token, Jessica discovered the truth behind her lineage. Her unique combination of human and Casdan genetics gives her extraordinary abilities. In her first adventure, Jessica also met David, a Casdan who quickly became her partner and lover.

Now, in Viral, while honing her skills, Jessica feels like she could do anything as long as David is beside her. When he’s hit with a mysterious illness, politics with the human race take second place to the connection between the two of them. Jessica will stop at nothing to save David from the influences of rebel control, if only she knew how.

In their quest for integration, many Casdans just want peace, but a small faction is actively plotting against both humanity and their own species. As the line between friend and foe blurs, Jessica must figure out whom she can trust when humanity begins waking up to the truth about the Casdans. She will need to track down the rebels and uncover their conspiracy if she wants to save David and stop the humans and Casdans from going to war.