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Arriving Soon


Target Acquired (Brother Assassins)

by Jolie Mason on 2018-05-23

She's completly forgettable.

Gara will make a perfect operative, or, at least, that's what Devlin tells himself when he recruits her for Nova Team. She's just the kind of woman who can be anything she needs to be to get the job done. So, why is he so reluctant to put her out there?

Gara has to choose; fight or flight?

There's something about the colony that makes her feel something new, a desire to stay put for a while, so Gara has decided to fight for the Brax, the alien natives of Freedom Colony, who have taken her in. 

With a tragic past that is all too common, she needs to overcome deeply rooted fears to help rescue a group of stolen children and return them to Freedom. Her job is to recruit a local player as assassin. To do that, she has to get close to the one man who makes her want to run far and fast, Arctor Devlin, leader of Nova Team.

This could go badly, very badly...

Posing as Devlin's lover and his property to gain access to her target in a warlord's harem, she finds that the role is overshadowing her fears, and she starts to want more of Devlin than is wise.  Keeping their minds on the job at hand would be easier if the job didn't require so much touching. 

She's gotta get it together, or risk innocent lives, including the life of the man she's come to love.