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Love in the Time of Technology

by Joseph Veramu on 2018-10-15

In the not too distant future, the world is divided into genetically modified humans who live in affluent domed cities and the rest of humanity who live on the Fringes.
This novel is set in one such domed city called Genetica, administered by the shadowy Lifeblood Corporation. An AI called Oracle monitors all young clones. To breed distrust, suspicion, and avoid mass breakouts, clones called 'dreamers' are set upon by 'jumper' clones.
A rival renegade AI system called Sanctuary is helping many teen clones to escape to the Fringes. It communicates with escapees through lucid dreams.
Conroy is torn between his loyalty to Oracle and his passionate love for Mohanna who is planning to escape.
There is deep suspicion as he joins the escapees.
Is he secretly working for Oracle to bring down Sanctuary?
There is also fierce rivalry between Conroy and Will over Mohanna.
Throughout the escape to the Fringes and return to Genetica, the inescapable question is whether Conroy is working to bring down the Lifeblood Corporation and its hated AI or supporting Sanctuary to bring freedom to Genetica.
Will Conroy's passionate love for Mohanna be enough to get him to fight for freedom or will the dark side overwhelm him?

Genome Matrix

by Joseph Veramu on 2018-09-30

Mason Anderson, a young scientist is deeply disturbed by the mysterious disappearance of his girlfriend Emily and the insidious nature of Babylon Corp, a US based corporation that is the global market leader for the production of all kinds of clones and genetically modified foods and species.
Just as Mason is about to be silenced, he is helped by a renegade AI who enlists the help of Stella a clone fugitive.
Ryan and Beckett, two 'sleeper' clones who are scheduled for organ and limb harvesting are also enlisted to help Mason put right the rot at Babylon Corp.
Will they succeed against a corporation that controls almost everything in a techno-enhanced world?
Only the enduring love of the intrepid team and the ingenuous support of the renegade AI, Sofia, will help them through their darkest moments.