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Arriving Soon



by Josh Nakken on 2019-03-15

Humanity, at the height of its industrial age, was wiped out to the point of near extinction as the ships descended. Humanity was down to its last city in its last country, it was only then that our desperate call for aid was heard by our saviors. Our saviors, the merciful Lords, turned the tide of war nearly overnight. With their help, our destroyers, the Daemons, were defeated, captured and locked up deep in the core of a far-off planet in the prison Infernum. But every prison needs guards, so here we are, 10,000 years later, thriving on our new world… Earth. With the knowledge of our past lost to time, it will take more than just Alex, an earthling, to save his world. It will also take Hope, the pride of our true homeworld. But even with all the advanced technology she has to offer, it will be her love that will shake the foundations of the universe, as they find comfort in each other while their lives are pulled literally galaxies apart.