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My Savage Alien Rescuer (Parallel Dimensions Book 1)

by Josie Walker on 2019-03-14

Christina's life is going according to plan until she falls off a dumpster and into another dimension.

Now she's being courted by a hunky blue alien. Too bad she can't understand a word he's saying! It’s going to take this crafty YouTube star a lot more than thread and a needle to mend the mess she’s gotten herself into . . . and there’s no WiFi so she can’t even look on Google for a tutorial!

It's a wild and dangerous world! As love begins to kindle inside her and her savage rescuer, she can't help but wonder if she will ever find her way home again . . . or if she even wants to anymore. Can indoor toilets and cell phones compete with passion so hot it threatens to set the sheets, or rather the animal hides, on fire? Is it worth losing everything she had in order to gain everything she’s always wanted?

Come join the adventure and get your copy today!

A Krinar World Novel: Alien Infatuation (A Hot Alien SciFi Romance Book 1)

by Josie Walker on 2018-07-23

When the aliens dropped out of the sky and took over the earth I was just a kid, but the course of my life was forever altered. Thanks to my mother’s horrible choice in men, I was forced to grow up in an extremist cult dedicated to one day ridding the world of their inhuman enemy. Why is it I’m the only one who understands how crazy these people are?

But somehow I managed to escape before they married me off to start pumping out babies to fight the enemy. I’m working hard to build a new life for myself, one that’s not full of hate, one where I’m actually worth something. I’ve been brought up to believe the aliens are the devil and the taxman all rolled into one, so I should know better than to fall for him. But what’s that saying… the enemy of my enemy is a smoking hot alien. What have I gotten myself into?

***This Krinar World story was inspired by Anna Zaires’ Krinar Worlds Series and is a full length novel of 60K+ words.