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Star Blast: Game One

by Juan Antonio Molina on 2019-03-01

Are you a fan of Dune, Fallout, Star Trek, and the like? What about board games full of tricks? Are you into Easter egg hunts? If you answered, “Absolutely!” to any, come along, pass through the wormhole in a no return journey to define the self.
This is the story of POVT15, a hedonistic heavyset abductee savoring his new life off-Earth until events force him to join through clenched teeth a bunch of sentient beings of all species with little in common except the need to start a runaway space-time trip through the cosmos.
This is also the story of a motley crew that bonds to become a compact unit. It follows their adventures, their personal quests, and the hard decisions they face as they explore, dealing with everything from genetic and AI engineering quandaries to what makes in the end, if anything, a sentient intelligent being, a man.