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My Otherworldly Prom Date: A Young Adult Science Fiction Romance

by Jude Willhoff on 2018-03-11

What if high school bullies taunt you for being an alien . . . and they might be right?

Gemma MacKade was found in the desert near an ancient meteorite crater when she was a baby, but no one knows anything about her mysterious origins. Now eighteen years old, she is annoyed when her peers taunt her about being part alien. Since she’s always been strangely drawn to the stars and has strong psychic abilities, Gemma’s beginning to wonder if they might be right. With her reputation for weirdness, will she be able to find a date for the prom?

When Ari Stith arrives on Earth and meets Gemma, he experiences strong feelings for her, emotions his people gave up long ago. But he can’t act on them—he has been sent to Earth to retrieve Gemma—a long-lost Star Child—as well as powerful disks left by Star People who crashed on Earth long ago. First, though, he must work with Gemma to find out why her town is suddenly plagued by UFO sightings, cattle mutilations, abductions, and murder . . . and prove his people aren’t to blame.