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Arriving Soon


Leaelle Anton Enlightened

by Judie McCreary on 2019-01-06

It is June 11, 2000 when we enter seventeen soon to be eighteen-year-old Leaelle's life. She is having a peaceful moment before having to return to church for afternoon service. Watching the breeze across the amber waves of grain in the field, while sitting under Majestic the giant Oak tree, behind her house. When suddenly she receives a visitor by the name of Donello who declares he is there for her. To protect her and keep her from harm. She swears to herself that she has gone crazy because he shows up naked out of the wheat field. This is a day of turmoil for her to be so young. Ah but; Donello is there for her. Donello gives her the protection she needs. Love as well as riches and adventure beyond human measure. Of course there are a few problems. He has severely messed up with the Council of Beings and not to mention how Leaelle is being enlightened.Leaelle Anton Enlightened and the series of books to follow is a romance that women will take everywhere to read. It is after all your fantasy too.