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Arriving Soon


Dead Moon Force

by Judith Leger on 2019-01-16

Each whisper of mistrust from her comrades turns Sion Knight’s gut inside out. But she’ll do anything to save her family, including taking on the mission that partners her with the one man she should avoid...Colonel Jordan Ryes.

She’s loved him from their academy days, but now isn’t the time, if ever.

The mission to the moon has turned deadlier than her worst of nightmares. Terrorists have released a virus that has turned everyone into flesh-eating zombies, and it’s up to her team to reverse the effects before it’s too late.

The terrorists have a secret weapon they didn’t count on...dragon shifters.

Between the dangers of terrorists and zombies, life and death flash before her as strongly as her desire for Jordan. Can she stay alive long enough to fulfill the dream, or will the nightmare take a deadly hold?